Do You Remember The Time?

Thanks to a flash of genius, we decided it would be pretty amazing to revisit some of our favorite beauty products from the 80's and 90's. Now, some of you may be a bit too young to know all of these incredibly nostalgic beauty essentials, but for those of you that do, you're in for a delightful trip down memory lane. Many of these products have been rebranded and are still on the market — and are still well-loved. 


I was obsessed with painting my nails as a pre-teen. So much so that for every occasion where gifts were given, someone would give me nail polish. One awesome Christmas, I received an entire gift bag filled with Wet N Wild polishes — best. gift. ever. I digress, HARD CANDY! This was the splurge. This was what adolescent teen girls would buy when they had that extra babysitting dough. Alicia Silverstone was one of their ambassadors (what was good enough for Cher Horowitz was good enough for this valley girl!)  and every bottle came with a ring, that never really fit. Somewhere in my parent's home, there's an Ahiru no Pekkle tin lunchbox filled with Hard Candy rings of different shapes and colors. Score.


Caboodles. You either had one, or you really wanted one. I was the latter. Though I did have an art box in college that resembled one. Too little, too late. These makeup cases held the treasure's of every young woman. From your two dozen Lip Smackers (we'll get to those later) to your hair crimper, this color-blocked organizer was your livelihood. You took it with you to sleepovers, you opened it up and put it on display when friends came over and you probably wrote your name on it in Sharpie, or better yet, glittery, puffy paints. Either way, thanks for helping us get it together, Caboodles.



I can personally attest to putting the Lip Smacker heirs through college, feeding, sheltering them and clothing them for the rest of their lives. I bought and applied these babies like they were oxygen on Mars. I had a zipper pouch just for them and took them to school with me every day. They were yummy and they smelled amazing. Thirsting for a soda pop, not to worry, my Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker has got your back. 



Oh, Sun In. You turned our heads orange and made us think we had natural-looking beach hair.  We sprayed you in generously and blew you dry, and waited, and waited, and when the sun hit just right, VOILA! You were the gateway to hair dye and a rite of passage into adulthood. Thank you, Sun In.



Ah, the magic of instant, long, painted nails. Now if you could only find one that fit you just right. Like Goldilocks looking for a bed to rest on, these nails were either always too big or too small — or maybe it was me? They never stayed on with their peel-off adhesive tapes and would pop off one by one, but they sure made us feel like one of Suzanne Sugarbaker's fabulous gal pals.



What goes best with a bit of grunge music? How about a tube of our next blast from the past. Kurt Cobain penned a song that smelled of it, which meant a bunch of teen girls wanted to smell like it too. It was probably the first deodorant you ever bought, and you kept a stick of it in your gym locker. 



Before there was Edward Cullen, there was body glitter. One need not give one's life and imbibe on the blood of fellow humans to sparkle like a diamond in the sun. All you needed was a little bit, or a lotta bit, of this stuff. It came in jars, as roll-on sticks, in squeeze tubes...the different ways to apply this glittery goodness was endless. You slathered it on your face, and everywhere else. You got it on the furniture at home and on everyone's clothes. Like Drew in Ever After, you left a trail of fabulosity everywhere you went.



Stephanie Tanner rocked our final flashback every week on TGIF. The scrunchie. These fabulous little fashion statements were a girl's best friend. They came in every color, pattern and material under the sun and were much, much more than just an accessory. Spending more time around your wrist than in your hair, these bad gals were a major style statement and had the ability to complete the perfect look — leggings, an oversized tee, slouchy socks and L.A. Gears.