The Fundamentals of Traveling

Summer is nearly here, which for many, means VACAY! Whether you're planning on a romp on the Riviera with your besties or roughing it with a Glamping trip to the woods, you'll need to be well prepared. Traveling can be cruel. Sitting in the cabin of a plane for hours on end, exposed to recirculated air and who knows what else, hitting the back roads with dust and dirt flying all about — these are things Glamhappy girls and boys need to be ready for. We're here to dish out some of the most essential tips and tricks to taking care of your glam-ness, inside and out, while relaxing the days away on your well-deserved vacay.


1. H2O

Water. Drink it. Lots of it. Stay as hydrated as possible. This is especially crucial if you're in-flight. Cabin air is very dry, and you'll really need to compensate for that with some good ole H2O. Drink at least a liter every 7-8 hours to help replenish skin's moisture, keep your vital organs and joints nice and lubricated and boost your immune system. 

2. Skin Mist

If you simply can't drink that much water, definitely carry a good misting spray with you. You can create your own with a small spray bottle, some distilled water and a drop or two of rose water, but we highly recommend a product like Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin Mist! This will help to hydrate your thirsty skin further, while giving you a radiantly dewy glow. We also love e.l.f. Cosmetics' Mineral Mist!

3. Refresh and Cleanse with Towelettes

When traveling, whether in the air or on the road, you can't always find the opportunity to cleanse your face as often as you should be. This is why facial cleansing towelettes like Burt's Bees collection of little cleansers comes in handy. We pack these even on the day-to-day. They're perfect for removing makeup, cleaning off dust and dirt and even for a quick, refreshing and gentle scrub-a-dub.

4. Sun Protection

It's so easy, but so many times we forget. Once the summer sun heats things up, including our very susceptible epidermis, it's so important to stay protected against those harmful UVs! A lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen like Kiehl's Super Fluid is great for the face, and body! We love this particular formula because of it's matte finish, which makes it pair very well with makeup.

5. Lip Balm

While taking care of your face, don't forget to give your lips a little love too! Because as gorgeous as you're skin is, you won't be your best if your kissers are cracked! Pack a small and easy-to-apply balm like Eos' Visibly Soft to keep your pout looking perfect!