Top 6 Bridal Beauty Trends For 2015!

June is officially the most popular month for weddings, and all across the nation blushing brides-to-be are readying themselves for the most romantic walk they've ever taken — the one down the aisle! With these lucky ladies in mind, we decided to share some of 2015's most popular bridal beauty trends. From fresh-faced to fiercely-winged liner, our top 6 picks are sure to lend you some inspiration, and even if no one's put a ring on it yet, this collection of styles is perfect for the glammed up guest too!



Brides ISO a touch of drama and a minimalist look are opting for a clean, winged liner. We love this look because 1) the perfectly-winged eyeliner always makes an impression 2) it's playful and 3) it's pretty classic.  It can be played up or down, of course, depending on your personal style - I myself prefer the dainty wings of a hummingbird, but don't let that stop you from going full on eagle if that's your jam.



This look was made for the daytime event. It's fresh and flawless and says, "I woke up like this." But we know you didn't. The "no makeup" makeup look is much more complex than it seems, but with the right shades of products for your skin tone, and a not-so-heavy hand, it's very achievable. It's a favorite with Boho-chic brides and those looking to keep it simple and clean. Flower crown optional.



This next look would transition beautifully to a nighttime reception. The shimmery shadow is a current fav for contemporary brides who want a bit more pizzaz on their facial palette. A dusty rose or gold shimmer would work well for the day, and a deeper, more intense hue just screams party time. When paired with a red lip, all your guests will know you are one bold bride who's ready to celebrate.



We covered this look recently as one of our favorite spring beauty trends, and we're happy to tell you that it's also being embraced by brides on their special day! This sultry and sophisticated look is probably my personal favorite of the bunch. Because earth tones are my jam. Similar to the "no makeup" look, but with more drama and sophistication, this trend is definitely something you'll want to test out.



This  trend speaks volumes about the bride who chooses to take it on. She's looking to make a lasting impression on her guests, and she's saying , "I'm strong, I'm sexy and I know it". The dramatic, smokey eye is a favorite among beauty-lovers for sure, but with the right hairstyle and wedding gown, it makes an even greater impact than it does as a day-to-day look. For a contemporary twist, try this technique with some purple shadow!



We girls jump through hoops and walk through lakes of fire to achieve our idea of "natural beauty", and doing so on your big day is no exception.  Many are turning to highlighting powders, misting, finishing and setting sprays to get their faces glowing — and now this very trend has hit it big in the wedding world. This makeup style works great whether you're a traditional, bohemian or contemporary bride. It basically works with any bridal style because of its "barely-there" factor. We look forward to seeing it for years and years to come!