Beauty Basics: Bold Matte Lips

Spring is here and we're sprung off these sun lovin' shades! Pack the pow with a pop of color for your pout because bold colors are all the craze. Pinks, oranges, violets, and red are all in bloom this season. Just a straight shot of color with a mod matte finish. This retro look is flattering, fun and you'll love mixing it up! Shop our favorites below!

Kiss & Makeup

Luscious lips are always in season. Whether you want to gloss it up or make it matte, you're going to need to start with a clean, moisturized base. We are boycotting chapped lips and giving you the inside scoop for a perfect pout! These steps will have you kissing your old lip routine good bye! Click any product to shop!

Clinique Sweet Pots™ Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm, $19.50

STEP 1: Exfoliate and moisturize! Scrub those lips to unveil silky, soft lips that you'll want to rub together all day! Hello, smoothness! Make sure you swipe on some balm to lock in hydration and rejuvenate your lips after exfoliating! 

Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer, $20

STEP 2: Primers aren't just for your face and eyes! Your lips need some love too! Apply some primer to smooth out any fine lines and make application a breeze. Not only will you it make your lip color glide on with ease but you'll pump up the staying power! Who doesn't love a long-wearing lip?

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner, $18

STEP 3: Depending on what color your choose, you want it to look perfect. And though it's okay to color outside the lines in life, it's not okay when it comes to lipstick application. To make your life easier and more polished, line your lips before applying your favorite lippy. This way, you can just fill in your lips without worrying about using a lip brush. You can even play it up with different liner and lipstick combos to create different effects! (Ombre anyone?) Don't let all that gorgeous color bleed and smudge all over, so be prepared with a liner! (They even make them invisible, which is our pick!) 

Burberry Kisses Lipstick, $33

STEP 4: Color me pretty! Get inspired by spring and choose a shade that makes you happy! Swipe on your favorite bold or YLBB tone and chuck it in your purse to touch it up through out the day. (Not that you'll have to because you used a primer, but it's always nice to be prepared!) There are so many finishes to lip products theses days and they come in tubes, bullets, pans so find one you love and rock it! 

NARS Lip Gloss, $26

STEP 5: This last step is completely optional depending on the look you choose, but it can up the glam factor in an instant! Have you been rocking that mauve lip all day? Swipe on some gloss for the evening and you have a whole new look! Gloss is easy and even if your lip color has dulled through the day, you'll get a little pick me up and a lot of shine! 

Glam Gift Guide: Fa-La-La Lips

We're back with the Glam Gift Guide and our lips aren't sealed. We just had to show you all these luscious lip products so you can get to gifting! Lip products are great for those looking for an easy way to experiment with makeup. Just swipe on a lipstick or gloss and you've spiced up your look! For that lover of bold shades, barely-there nudes, and everything in between, these lip sets get our kiss of approval. Pucker up to perfection and try not to sneak a lippy or two before you get to wrapping!


If you're a sucker for all things designer and the cutest of packaging then you'll definitely gravitate towards this gorgeous lip set from Tory Burch. This gift will make any gal feel all sorts of fancy! Click here to shop this product!


For that beauty lover in your life that loves routine (and maybe even has "day of the week" undies), this is perfect. They can keep their makeup no fuss and fabulous! Click here to shop this product!


Gift the gift of luxury. Spoil any makeup lover with this beautiful lip set with the creamiest, high-pigment formulations in sleek rose gold packaging. They'll love you X 10! Click here to shop this product! 


This limited edition palette is absolutely one-of-a-kind and great for traveling. A full-sized mirror, 25 (amazing!) lip shades, and a lip brush for that lover of lip products! Click here to shop this product! 


This one's a steal! Colourpop is known for their affordable yet awesome collection of makeup and they've packed 6 of their best-selling lippie stix into one gift of gorgeous. A great selection of shades anyone can enjoy!  Click here to shop this product! 


Be a #glossboss and gift this epic set from MUFE to your favorite MUA. 12 lovely shades from nude to bold and a whole lot of shine! Click here to shop this product! 


This is all you need for the perfect pout. With this luxe gift set, you get all the tools you need for effortlessly chic lip action and it's cute and compact enough to travel with your anywhere! Click here to shop this product!

Give Me Some Lip!

With Autumn comes deep, vampy lip shades and seamless application calls for some major lip service. The changing of seasons takes a toll on your skin including the sensitive skin on your precious pout. From warm summer days to chilly fall evenings, you're going to want to revamp your beauty routine, and changing up your lip care can be the quickest fix to achieve kiss-ably soft lips. This means moisturizing and hydrating to soothe chapped, dry skin and unleash a perfect pucker! Regardless of what bold color you choose, or even if you're going au natural, throw one of our essentials on and you'll be smiling pretty! Click any product to shop it!


You know how luxurious rose petals feel with their soft texture and delicate aroma? Imagine your lips feeling like that. Dior gets serious with this smoothing lip balm. Damask Rose essential oils, Shea Butter, and anti-aging complexes unite to promote a nourished, soothed, and plumped pout. You'll be amazed at how good your lips can feel! Click here to shop this product!


Fresh knows lip care with it's best-selling formula but when you're looking for a little more than a balm, this tinted treatment is where it's at! With 14 shades to choose from, there's something for everyone. My pick is "Nude" for that slight flush of color that you can swipe on in a breeze. Sugar helps lock-in moisture while a botanical blend of oils including meadowfoam, currant seed, and grapeseed smooth, soften, and hydrate. And with SPF 15, you'll be protected from the sun! Click here to shop this product!


There was a lot of hype around Baby Lips when they debuted and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was all true. This new formula provides medicated care to lips that are in much need of comfort. There are 6 nourishing shades including the color-less, "Too Cool," that soothe and calm with Eucalyptus extracts, provide 12+ hours of hydration, and combat soreness and dryness. Affordable and effective! Click here to shop his product!


For those that don't want to skimp on the luxury when purchasing a lip balm, we've got your covered. Intense hydration and quick absorption leave your lips feeling soft, smooth, and silky. The 24-karat gold leaf dissolves on contact adding to the decadent experience and giving you a subtle, shimmery glow. Classy packaging that will sit pretty on your nightstand? Go ahead and indulge! Click here to shop this product!


Eight essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals plus eight hours of moisture equals one perfect pout! Elizabeth Arden touches all the bases when it comes to lip care. This stuff softens, smooths, and protects against damaging UVA/UVB rays. Glide some on and say goodbye to dry, flaky lips! Click here to shop this product.


Korres's philosophy of authentic Greek apothecary unites a buttery, smooth finish with a touch of color that condition your lips to perfection. Ingredients including Rice Wax and Shea Butter provide lasting softness and hydration while natural oils and extracts soothe lips in need of some TLC. (And it's petroleum-free!) Click here to shop this product!


When you pick up one of these bad boys, you are getting the full package. Found in the men's section, this soothing lip balm adds instant relief to lips in need. Shea Butter and avocado oils soothe and soften while fresh mint refreshes breath (what a bonus!) leaving you feeling cool and conditioned. Click here to shop this product!


An old classic. They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it and they are right with Vaseline's moisture-locking formula. With a slight rose fragrance and sheer pink tint, it's a little more than just a tub of jelly. It's a savior for your lips! If you're a lover of all things mini you'll want to get your hands on this stuff; it comes in the cutest container and of course a little goes a long way. Cracked lips don't stand a chance! Click here to shop this product!

Lust-worthy Liquid Lipsticks!

After finding a complementary shade to perfect your pout with, you want your lips to be smudge-proof, food-proof and kiss-proof for long-lasting wear. Of course, it's a good idea to throw your favorite lippy in your purse for touch ups, but who has time for that these days? I want my smile to look on point all day especially when I can't be bothered to reapply! My fix? Liquid lipsticks! So many makeup brands are hopping on this trend and I couldn't be happier. Liquid lipsticks come in a tube and you swipe them on just like a gloss. Unlike their sometimes sticky, shiny sibling, they dry matte and velvety leaving the most mesmerizing splash of color! Bold lip lovers rejoice! Try some of our favorites and you'll be sealing your love for liquid lipsticks with a kiss!


Rich color and a smooth finish is a must for any lip look and ABH hits the nail on the head with this formula. It's so easy to apply and the pigmentation is unreal, one swipe and you're good to go! Choose from 20 shades (we chose "Party Pink" a vivid blue-toned pink), and lock-in your perfect lip! Click here to shop this product!


Not only do these liquid lipsticks come in a amazing range of bold and wearable colors, they are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free and vegan-friendly! The creamy and luxurious texture applies effortlessly and wears beautifully. They are always coming out with gorgeous collections and bundles, but they sell out fast, so hurry so you can get your "dose"! Click here to shop this product!


If you are trying out liquid lipsticks for the first time and aren't looking to spend a fortune, NYX is your go-to. This lipstick/lip gloss hybrid is silky smooth and sets matte leaving you with a velvet finish and the perfect pop of color. Did I mention that these always smell amazing? Like cake and frosting and the stuff dreams are made of! You'll want to keep coming back for more! Click here to shop this product!


I always get so many compliments when I wear this Godsend from Stila! "Beso" is my favorite because it is universally flattering. Seriously, this is a true red that looks good on everyone AND makes your teeth look whiter! It lasts up to 6 hours, moisturizes and is enriched with Vitamin D and avocado oil, leaving your lips feeling soft and loved. Try all 10 shades and you won't be sorry! Click here to shop this product!


Not only is this liquid lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent super luxurious, it's a 2-in-1 product that you can also use as a cream blush! It comes in 12 beautifully vibrant shades with pomegranate extracts and antioxidants that leave your lips feeling kiss-ably soft and give your cheeks a lovely flush of color.  Instead on splurging on a lipstick and blush,  try out this fab find from YSL and you'll save room in your makeup bag and wallet!  Click here to shop this product!


OCC has revamped their much loved lip tars into a ready-to-wear product that is all lust and no fuss! This opaque formula is gluten-free, silicone-free and vegan-friendly, and is made with hemp oil for a smooth finish after application, and peppermint oil that gives it natural antibacterial properties. I'm a sucker for natural ingredients and this color range is otherworldly! Get your hands on this liquid lipstick before my "obsessive compulsive" side comes out and I snatch them all! Click here to shop this product!


Call me boring, but I don't wear lipstick. I am a balm kind of gal. I've always found lipstick to be too heavy for my delicate puckers, which is why I was super excited when I discovered lip stains in my mid-20's. Over the years, I've picked up a few to try out in the effort to add some color to my kisser, and with the surge of lip stains on the market right now, I couldn't help but share my staining experience with you.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain, $30

My journey to a stainable lip life began in 2005, with Benefit Cosmetics. It was at the behest of a very persuasive sales girl's recommendation that I take home a free sample of Benetint. Needless to say, I was pleasantly pleased with the results of this lip and cheek-staining favorite. It's lightweight and long-lasting. The rose-tint it delivered was the perfect flush of color I was in search of. I opted for just one to two applications for a more natural look. The recommended three applications yields a bolder and redder result, so definitely play around with this trusty industry fave for your preferred shade. Shop this product here!

Cailyn Cosmetics Cocoon Lip Stain, $22

For a futuristic, lip-staining experience, look no further than this intriguing little tube. Cailyn Cosmetics' Cocoon lip stain was introduced to us via a mind-blowing tutorial on social media that definitely got our attention. Check it out:

Pretty awesome, right? Full disclosure, we've yet to take this product for a test-drive, but we certainly can't wait. According to Cailyn Cosmetics, this peel-off lip color stains your kisser for up to 10 hours! Shop this product here!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain, $22

This is one of my personal faves. It's a double-ended stain and gloss that delivers major moisture and color for over 12 hours, and if you're looking for some extra shine, it can do that too! The coconut water nourishes and hydrates lips the way a balm does, and the Honeymoon Honey color is a great neutral hue for this girl — though it comes in five other colors for those with more colorful personalities! Shop for it here!


This is the perfect stain for balm-lovers like myself. It delivers the look of a lipstick, with the feel and benefits of a soothing, lightweight balm. The price point allows you to play around and try out more than one or two colors so you can switch things up when the mood and situation calls for it. Sweetheart and Romantic are two of our favorite shades. Shop this product here!


TONYMOLY NY is a fun and pocket-friendly brand we absolutely love. Their Delight Tony Tint is a fun lip stain that leaves your pucker smelling fabulously fruity and feeling fantastically moisturized. It comes in three fun colors, but our favorite is the Orange Cha Cha. Shop for it here!