Get Illuminated!

Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter

If I were stranded on a desert island and only had three products in my makeup bag, I’d have my concealer, a trusty eye pencil and Benefit Cosmetics’ Watt’s Up Highlighter. The cutely designed stick is easy to apply — and if my fourth item were a purse, it’d be easy to spot in it. I love the glowy effect it gives my temples and cheekbones. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a polished makeup routine, or for your bare face. There’s a smudger on the other end of the stick to help you even out the application, but I usually just touch it up with my fingers or a blending brush, but only if I were allowed just one more item in my bag.

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm with SPF 30

As more of a beauty novice, the idea of a liquid highlighter baffled me. I underwent my due diligence in learning how to apply the product to discover that technically, this is a BB cream that’s meant to be applied to a fresh face. I did enjoy the subtle illumination and dewy glow that it provided. However, I would still need to apply more foundation or powder to give me the level of coverage I need in a BB cream. My everyday finished routine would drown out the highlighting effect a bit. I tend to like a bit more impact. Stila’s Illuminating Beauty Balm does work best paired with a good concealer to help you achieve an upgraded, low maintenance “no makeup” look.

H&M Highlighter Powder

Finding a good, budget beauty brand is always a highlight — pun intended. So when I came across H&M’s Highlighter Powder, I had to try it. This compact, illuminating beauty dust packs quite the glow and for under $5! I’ve applied it using a highlighting brush, and even tried my fingertips for a quick touch up, and in both cases, the powder went on (and stayed on) pretty well. The one real drawback is that it tends not to always blend out very well and you need to spend a bit of time making sure it looks even — but for the price, totally worth adding to your Caboodles.