Color Theory: Types of Color Correctors

It seems that the new trend these days is color correcting and I have absolutely no complaints! As a lover of makeup, mixing and matching colors has always been one of the best parts of piling it on but in the case of flawless skin, color correcting is a crucial step in ensuring your foundation is on point! That means no dullness, redness, or unfavorable tones peaking through. To best understand how to achieve a Photoshop finish, color theory comes into play. If you take a look at color wheel, you'll notice that complementary colors balance each other out. When choosing a product, it's important to find one that will fit your needs so you can diminish discoloration and put forth perfection!

Yellow: Choose yellow shades to cancel out any purple-blue tones like your under-eyes or bruising on your skin. It's best for balancing out dark patches on olive to tan tones.

Orange: For those with medium to darker skin tones, orange is a savior when concealing the under eye area or any scarring from acne. Dark spots and discoloration can be balanced out with an orange corrector.

Pink/Peach: These peach/salmon/pink shades have a mix of red, orange, and yellow tones that pack the punch when it comes to color correcting. They work together to conceal, brighten, and revive the eye area so you can achieve a flawless face on pale to medium skin tones.

Green: Cancel out red tones with green! This means any redness around your nose or a bright red spot that you need to conceal. It might seem a little funny, but trust me, it works! Dab a little green concealer and you'll vastly reduce the redness!

Purple: Another seemingly random color that will boost up your radiant factor. Those with yellow tones and sallow looking skin can benefit from using a purple-based corrector to bring some life back to your face and brighten up a dull, pasty complexion.

Glam Gift Guide: Fa-La-La Lips

We're back with the Glam Gift Guide and our lips aren't sealed. We just had to show you all these luscious lip products so you can get to gifting! Lip products are great for those looking for an easy way to experiment with makeup. Just swipe on a lipstick or gloss and you've spiced up your look! For that lover of bold shades, barely-there nudes, and everything in between, these lip sets get our kiss of approval. Pucker up to perfection and try not to sneak a lippy or two before you get to wrapping!


If you're a sucker for all things designer and the cutest of packaging then you'll definitely gravitate towards this gorgeous lip set from Tory Burch. This gift will make any gal feel all sorts of fancy! Click here to shop this product!


For that beauty lover in your life that loves routine (and maybe even has "day of the week" undies), this is perfect. They can keep their makeup no fuss and fabulous! Click here to shop this product!


Gift the gift of luxury. Spoil any makeup lover with this beautiful lip set with the creamiest, high-pigment formulations in sleek rose gold packaging. They'll love you X 10! Click here to shop this product! 


This limited edition palette is absolutely one-of-a-kind and great for traveling. A full-sized mirror, 25 (amazing!) lip shades, and a lip brush for that lover of lip products! Click here to shop this product! 


This one's a steal! Colourpop is known for their affordable yet awesome collection of makeup and they've packed 6 of their best-selling lippie stix into one gift of gorgeous. A great selection of shades anyone can enjoy!  Click here to shop this product! 


Be a #glossboss and gift this epic set from MUFE to your favorite MUA. 12 lovely shades from nude to bold and a whole lot of shine! Click here to shop this product! 


This is all you need for the perfect pout. With this luxe gift set, you get all the tools you need for effortlessly chic lip action and it's cute and compact enough to travel with your anywhere! Click here to shop this product!

Beauty Basics: All That Glitters is Gold

Glow like a true Glamazon and go for the gold! This party season, sparkle reigns true and glittering shades are a must for any showstoppper looking to steal the night. Seek out your inner sun goddess with a solid highlight or a sexy shimmer and bring on the brilliance from head to toe! Get the midas touch with these gilded goodies and glam it up for any occasion! Click any product to shop! 

Beauty Basics: Cranberry Crush

Bust out those berry tones! Fall and winter call for deep shades to take the stage and a vampy lip or smoky eye is the go-to glam. This season, cranberry is a must! Not only is this a festive staple of the holidays (mmm.. cranberry sauce), but it's the perfect splash of color for a smoldering, yet sweet look. Deeper than your usual red, please your pout with lip candy like the steal that is Palladio's 'Cranberry' Lip Liner ($6), Laura Geller's Love Me Dew Lip Crayon in Cranberry Glaze ($16) which is super pigmented and ultra-moisturizing, or Too Faced's Melted Lipstick in 'Velvet' ($21) for your high-intensity, long-wearing #girlboss shade. Want to focus the fancy on your eyes? A cranberry smoky will add warmth and a new edge to the usual black and browns that grace your lids. Try Kevin Aucoin's Eyeshadow Duo in '216' ($42) or MAC's cult favorite shadow in 'Cranberry' ($16). Kick it up a notch further with Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner in 'Diamond Burgundy' ($23) to get creative with your cat eye. For a change of pace, try Marc Jacob's Bold Blush in 'Tantalizing' ($30) and achieve flushed cheeks on fleek. Or pamper yourself with a mani/pedi using Jin Soon's Nail Polish in 'Jasper' ($18), it's that deep, classic shade you've been looking for! (It also approved by Oprah, just sayin'!) So many possibilities! How will you rock cranberry this season? Click any product below to shop! 

Trick-Or-Treat Tutorials: Monster Mash!

You can't go wrong with the classics. With so many costumes to choose from including your favorite pop culture references, memes, animals, etc.; sometimes you just want to get back to basics and with Halloween that means old school horror! All of those timeless characters that terrified us as kids now scream festive, so it's only right to show your true adoration for All Hallow's Eve by turning yourself over to the dark side. Get your ghoul on and be the queen of the night in one of these devilishly divine makeup looks!


Subscribe to Erin's YouTube channel, and shop all the tools you need for for her beautiful bride of Frankenstein look below:


Subscribe to Emma's YouTube channel, and shop all the tools you need for for her wicked werewolf look below:


Subscribe to Nicol's YouTube channel, and shop all the tools you need for for her mesmerizing mummy look below:

Trick-Or-Treat Tutorials: Weird, Wicked, & Wonderful!

Sometimes there's a thin line between creepy and cute and sometimes you just want to play hopscotch on it. This Halloween you can be both sinful and sweet as you scare the socks off of your friends. Evil never looked so good and this kind of glam calls for a double take! What's best about these makeup looks is that they can be done with products you already have on hand. Pair with some digs from your wardrobe (no real costume necessary!) and you're ready to get your creep on!


Subscribe to Promise's YouTube channel, and shop all the tools you need for this trippy double vision look below:


Subscribe to Lex's YouTube channel, and shop all the tools you need for this awesome carved masquerade mask below:


Subscribe to Asahi's YouTube channel, and shop all the tools you need for devilish doll look below:

Fall, In Love, With These 3 Autumn-Inspired Looks

Fall is my favorite. Piping hot cups of coffee and cider. Pumpkin-spiced everything. Chunky, cozy sweaters. Stepping on crunchy leaves in my favorite boots. And the colors! Oh, the colors! Fall is like the most beautiful brushstroke of sun and earth with its warm and decadent tones. Chocolaty Browns, vampy violets, killer coppers, glorious golds, and awesome olive shades from head-to-toe. I just can't get enough. Anyone can pull off a fierce fall vibe, whether you want a little sparkle like Carli, a little edge like Roxii, or want to keep it classy like Amanda. These are some of my favorite looks for this season! Press play to watch the tutorials and click any product to shop it! 

Carli Bybel

Products Used: 

Roxii (Roxxsaurus)

Products Used:

Amanda Ensing

Products Used: 

What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

First strobing and clown contouring, now cooking and baking? Yet another trend that is made specifically for you to feel your absolute best (and another reason to love the world of beauty!). "Cooking", or "baking", has been around for quite some time, but this technique has taken off recently as makeup artists show off their tricks of the trade. You know those pictures of celebs and beauty gurus that have them looking like powdered donuts for a minute? This is exactly that. To master the art of "cooking" and "baking" your makeup, you'll need to set your concealer with a powder, applying an excess of product. This might look silly at first, but while you finish the rest of your makeup, the powder is warming up with your body heat. After a couple minutes, dust off the remaining powder to reveal crisp highlights and creaseless, long-wearing perfection. You go from an intentional mess to yes, yes, YAAAS! Check out some of our favorite setting and finishing powders so you can start getting your bake on!


Talk about luxury, there's French "cashmere" talc in this stuff! This cult product is a must-have because it's lightweight, sheer texture is basically the perfect Instagram filter. Oil-free, non-comedogenic, and long-wearing to give you lasting coverage and a natural finish. I'll take it! Click here to shop this product!


What a steal! This finely-milled powder masks fine lines and imperfections while improving the staying power of your makeup. Use this product to give you that Photoshop finish and you'll be sitting pretty! Click here to shop this product!


Apply this over your foundation or concealer and you're looking at 16 hours of wear! (Now that's what I like to hear!) Paired with the Dermablend line, makeup artists use this product to conceal birthmarks and tattoos during photo shoots. This is the real deal! Click here to shop this product!


Feeling fancy? Well, I found your fix! This loose powder is a pretty penny but it does the job and it does it well. Not only is the packaging beautiful (and also refillable!), it leaves you with the most flawless finish and you'll feel fab every time you whip this baby out. Treat yo' self! Click here to shop this product!


Super light and never cake-y, this powder perfects your canvas and leaves you feeling like a high-def hottie! A favorite among many, MUFE's HD powder seals your makeup and softens imperfections giving you a radiant, healthy glow. What more can you ask for in a product?! Click here to shop this product!


A little goes a long way with NYX's finishing powder and you'll love the results. Use this 100% pure mineral silica formula with any shade of foundation or on any tone of naked skin and be amazed by it's brightening, perfecting and long-wearing abilities! Experience it for yourself! Click here to shop this product!

Beauty Basics: Clown Contouring

This is one circus I'd join in a heart beat! Clown contouring has been all the craze these days ever since Youtuber Belladelune decided to take her makeup artistry skills to the extreme and show the world that she was doing more than just clownin' around. It's just another reminder that makeup is an art form! This technique allows you to think outside the box, have fun and show off your creative side all while feeling glamorous and unstoppable. With perfectly-placed highlights and contours, cutting-edge color correction and a little imagination, you can go from carnival freak to beautifully chic! Excited to try it out for yourself? We've got you covered with our clown contouring essentials! Click any product to shop! 

Andreja Pejic Is Having The Best Year Ever


You may know her, you may not, but we guarantee you've seen her before. Andreja Pejic is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous women to walk the runway — making her official debut at London Fashion week this past February as her true self. 

Though the Serbian-born, Australian-grown beauty was no stranger to the catwalk before this year, it was her first sashay after gender reassignment surgery. 

Shortly after reintroducing herself to the world, she also became the first transgender model to be profiled in Vogue. The May 2015 issue, which featured Carey Mulligan on the cover, turned out an unforgettable spread on Pejic that dove deep into gender identity issues and featured breathtaking images of her by Patrick Demarchelier. Now, Make Up For Ever is set to launch a brilliant campaign featuring Andreja and her very own eyeshadow palette on July 16!

You have to recognize that this deal went down long before Caitlyn Jenner was talk of the town, so we know that the brand isn't jumping at the opportunity for any other reason than the fact that Pejic is a bonafied bombshell who they know will rep their brand right. Kudos to Make Up For Ever and congratulations to Andreja Pejic!