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Luscious lips are always in season. Whether you want to gloss it up or make it matte, you're going to need to start with a clean, moisturized base. We are boycotting chapped lips and giving you the inside scoop for a perfect pout! These steps will have you kissing your old lip routine good bye! Click any product to shop!

Clinique Sweet Pots™ Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm, $19.50

STEP 1: Exfoliate and moisturize! Scrub those lips to unveil silky, soft lips that you'll want to rub together all day! Hello, smoothness! Make sure you swipe on some balm to lock in hydration and rejuvenate your lips after exfoliating! 

Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer, $20

STEP 2: Primers aren't just for your face and eyes! Your lips need some love too! Apply some primer to smooth out any fine lines and make application a breeze. Not only will you it make your lip color glide on with ease but you'll pump up the staying power! Who doesn't love a long-wearing lip?

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner, $18

STEP 3: Depending on what color your choose, you want it to look perfect. And though it's okay to color outside the lines in life, it's not okay when it comes to lipstick application. To make your life easier and more polished, line your lips before applying your favorite lippy. This way, you can just fill in your lips without worrying about using a lip brush. You can even play it up with different liner and lipstick combos to create different effects! (Ombre anyone?) Don't let all that gorgeous color bleed and smudge all over, so be prepared with a liner! (They even make them invisible, which is our pick!) 

Burberry Kisses Lipstick, $33

STEP 4: Color me pretty! Get inspired by spring and choose a shade that makes you happy! Swipe on your favorite bold or YLBB tone and chuck it in your purse to touch it up through out the day. (Not that you'll have to because you used a primer, but it's always nice to be prepared!) There are so many finishes to lip products theses days and they come in tubes, bullets, pans so find one you love and rock it! 

NARS Lip Gloss, $26

STEP 5: This last step is completely optional depending on the look you choose, but it can up the glam factor in an instant! Have you been rocking that mauve lip all day? Swipe on some gloss for the evening and you have a whole new look! Gloss is easy and even if your lip color has dulled through the day, you'll get a little pick me up and a lot of shine! 

5 Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep!

Every year as the ball drops, we dream for a better future and make a list of resolutions that will bring out the best in us. New year, new me... am I right? It's easy to plan for these things, but when it comes to actually making it happen and following through, some of us have a tendency to fall off the bandwagon. It might be the middle of January, but there's always something you can do and it doesn't have to be the 1st, in order for you to put your best foot forward. To make it a little easier to stick to good habits, how about we make it fun? And there's nothing more fun and more feel-good than beauty! It takes 21 days to form a habit, so follow these 5 resolutions that will change your beauty game for the better!

1. Focus on skin care

Let's embrace the bare-faced beauty! There are so many makeup products to love, but what makes them special is that they go on our face. We give them that power to do their thing! That means you should give yourself a little more credit and make sure you are doing what you can to get the most from your complexion. Whether you want to look better without makeup or you want your makeup to look photoshop flawless, a fool-proof skin care plan will help you reach your #facegoals. 

2. Take it off

Everyone says they do it. Everyone should do it. But do you really? There's always some nights where you turn into a walking zombie and sleep is your only solace. Ain't nobody got time to take your makeup off, wash your face, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize before bed! The wish is that our bedtime routines would have all of the above + candles and a cup of soothing tea before we hit the sheets at a timely hour after some light reading. But life happens and most nights you're lucky enough to take your pants off. But with all the makeup we apply, we need our skin to breathe! And it takes one simple step of using a makeup wipe or a cleanser with a quick pat dry to make all the difference. Hold yourself accountable and wash your face! You're skin will be happy and you might feel like you won't need as much makeup the next day.

3. Age to perfection

It's never to early to combat signs of aging. Unless you are drinking from the fountain of youth or are a vampire or any other immortal being, you're going to have to face the facts. People lament over wrinkles and fine lines, but it's part of the grace of growing up! You shouldn't be ashamed of a life well lived, but you can always do what you can to feel better about yourself and take care of that money-maker. Invest in products that will keep skin firm and supple now and you won't ever think twice about botox in the future! (Unless you're totally into it and in that case, to each their own!)

4. Less is more

2015 was the year of the highlight, contour, and everything in between. We packed it all on and rocked it! There's nothing wrong with applying every item in your collection on your face from time to time but I say this year, we embrace the "less is more" mantra. Who has the time anyway? I'm not saying go makeup-free (you totally can if you want to!), but try nixing a product or two in your routine and you'll realize that you really don't need it. If you can't bear to break free, try some multi-use products and you'll find awesome new ways to play up your face while saving even more time. This will make your morning routine a breeze and you'll get to accent certain features of fab everyday instead of piling it all on at once.

5. Experiment!

Experimenting goes hand in hand with "less is more" in a sense that you focus your fierce. Rock that bright purple lip you've always wanted and don't turn back! Go crazy with the glitter! Bronze it up! You're face is your canvas! The cool thing about is experimenting is you get to try out different things all the time and find your signature style. My advice with experimenting is accenting one feature at a time. This will improve your overall makeup game and you'll learn to highlight different parts of your face while save time and money!

Beauty Basics: Champagne Chic

It's that time of year. When a little sparkle goes a long way and grabbing a glass champagne or sparkling cider gets the good times rollin'! That bubbly is good for more than just a toast, it's a gateway to glamorous! Finding a color that flatters everyone is sometimes hard, but this anything-but-boring beige tone adds sheen in all the right places while maintaining an aura of sophistication. In a nutshell: it's classy AF! 2015 was all about the highlight, so pile on that shimmer and shine through the night with these chic champagne shades! Click any product to shop!

Beauty Basics: Plum, Kind of Wonderful

We all know dark shades dominate in the Fall and Winter months, so I had to share my love for the gorgeous plum tone that is all the rage and totally wearable. I mentioned the beauty of cranberry a few weeks ago, but don't get it twisted: Plum is perfection. It's a little darker, a little more vampy, and a whole lot of fierce. I'm telling you, sugar plum fairies got it right! Get your violet vixen on with these plum-wonderful picks! Click any product to shop!

Ah-mazing Under-Eye Concealers

Let's face it, cold weather makes you want to press snooze more often than you'd like. Your bed is the only place you want to be those chilly winter mornings. Maybe you stayed up a little too late watching holiday movies, or maybe you spent hours shopping online for the perfect gift. Whatever the reason, you've woken up to some designer bags. And I'm not talking about Louis, Celine, or Chanel... I'm talking serious dark circles. This is the "Do not disturb, coffee first" aesthetic. Busting out a pair of shades might be a quick fix, but if you're looking to make more of a bright eyed and bushy tailed impression, those bags need to go buh-bye. Under eye concealer is the magic elixir that wards off against the dreaded, "You look tired today." How 'bout we pull an Elsa and "conceal, [try not to] feel" like we're running on empty? Peruse through our favorites and find your savior for sleepy eyes! And then maybe some coffee? Click any product to shop it!


This is "it!" This is the concealer you've been searching for. Waterproof, full coverage, AND long-wearing! Isn't that all you could ever ask for? It! knows that beauty is a serious biz so they teamed with leading plastic surgeons, added Anti-Aging technology and put all the best bits into this tube of wonder. Dark circles are no match for this bad boy! Click here to shop this product! 


This product is a favorite among many, especially in the Youtube Beauty Community. It's affordable, easy to use with it's Micro Corrector Applicator built right in, and reduces puffiness all while brightening your under eyes. Kim K. will have nothing on you! Click here to shop this product!


What dark circles? UD's Naked Concealer is your skin's best friend. This lightweight formula gives you full coverage, is completely build-able without ever settling into fine lines, and it's bursting with ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 for anti-aging benefits and green tea for its revitalization properties. It also combats against dehydration and retains moisture for a glowing, youthful complexion! This stuff packs a punch! Click here to shop this product!


Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect shade to match your skin tone. And sometimes Lancôme knows exactly what you need with 13 shades to choose from! This concealer is long-wearing, waterproof, and provides natural looking coverage to even out skin tone and upkeep those under eyes! Click here to shop this product!


A cult favorite here. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is super hydrating, lightweight, and brightening while combating against dark circles and creating a luminous finish. Build up to your desired level of coverage without worrying about creasing. All you need are a few dots of product and you're good to go! Click here to shop this product!


Another affordable option that is a cut above! This concealer is "your skin but better" in a tube. With a variety of shades, you'll find you're perfect finish. Build and blend to blur imperfections and hide those pesky bags for a clear, natural complexion.  Click here to shop this product!

Beauty Basics: Olive Me, Loves Olive You!

Bored of brown and black smokey eyes? Tired of neutrals? Why not try olive green? This earthy shade is perfect for fall and will give you just the right amount of color without being over the top. Green never looked so good! Wearable yet trendy, this natural hue warms up your look in a subtle yet bold way, and is sporty and sultry all at the same time — what a win! Want to rock an olive tone? Check out some of our top picks, and get inspired to test out the trend yourself with these beauty gurus! Click any product to shop it!


Beauty By JJ


Bronze Beauty

Throughout history, the beauty of the human form has been captured by artists by means of bronze sculptures. They are strong, opulent, and shimmer in the sunlight. (All things a Glamazon strives for, am I right?) How do you bring this sort of aesthetic to your beauty regime? Easy: Bronzing Powder! Sweep some over your the high points of face for that perfect sun-kissed, "I just got back from Turks and Caicos" glow! Contour the hollows of your cheeks and intensify your features! Use it as eyeshadow for a subtle way to bring out your eyes! The possibilities are endless, but if you're looking for a touch of color (without slapping on the SPF and dealing with sand in all sorts of places) we've got you covered. Click on any product to shop it!


Nars Bronzing Powder, $39

Nars Bronzing Powder is super smooth in texture and is great for building up intensity. There's a slight golden shimmer that you can barely detect, but it adds just enough radiance for a warm, healthy complexion. You won't ever look flat or pasty with this stuff! There are three shades to choose from that will compliment any skin type. So... what are you waiting for? Get to swatching!

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder, $95

This baby is a petty penny but man, is it worth it! You know those makeup products that make you feel like a million bucks? This is definitely of them. The rich tone is enhanced by tiny gold flecks that are not too overpowering and bring the perfect amount of dimension to any makeup look. Sweep this all over your face for a glow that lasts all day. Quality + Pigmentation + Luxe Packaging? I'm sold!

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, $40

If you're looking for color range, Bobbi has you covered. With six equally stunning shades, you won't have trouble finding a color that suits you. This is the first matte on the list so if you're not into the shimmer, I'd give this one a go. It makes bronzing and contouring a dream with it's soft texture and natural brown and red undertones that never make you look orange or "dirty." Your healthy glow will stay put and you'll have your girlfriends wondering when you went to the beach and why you went without them!

Rimmel Natural Bronzer, $3.99

That's right, you read that correctly, it's under 5 bucks! Rimmel knows exactly how to get you your bang for your buck with this bronzing powder. Not only is it waterproof, but the shades range from shimmer to matte and there's even some with added SPF! If you're just starting out, this is the perfect bronzing powder for you, it's a budget-friendly and quality product that will be a great addition to your collection. 

Guerlain 'Terracotta Joli Tient' Bronzing Powder, $53

This silky smooth bronzer leaves you with satin finish and a sun-kissed glow that is totally worth smiling about. Guerlain knows radiance and with 8 perfectly blended tones, you'll have an effortless pop of color that brings out your beauty! Did I mention this stuff smells amazing? It has both sweet and floral notes giving this product a unique, subtle fragrance that just adds the luxury of the experience. I get to look tan AND smell nice? I'll take it!

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer, Shadow, and Contour Powder, $20

This staple is sitting in my makeup bag right now. It's that good! The gorgeous glow this bronzing power gives is just the pick me up you need for when you are feeling flat and dull. The Balm claims that this an all-in-one, all-over face product and, boy, do I agree! My favorite thing to do is to add a little to my crease when doing a smoky eye. It acts as a natural transition color while avoiding harsh edges and brings the whole look together. You can't go wrong with this matte shade, it's great for building up to your desired bronzed effect! A little goes a long way with this one!